When Starting a New Digital Business – Things You Need to Keep In Mind

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When Starting a New Digital Business - Things You Need to Keep In Mind

There is no arguing that the world we live in is more becoming a digital world – run by computers, everything is linked in the internet and almost anything is available in just one touch of a button. Therefore, there is no wonder that most business today are going digital. Well, actually, digital business is the new trend in business world. But just like any other business, going digital requires a lot of planning to build and maintain a successful digital business.

What exactly Digital Business?

Forbes defines digital business as a new technique of creating business designs where the difference between the physical and digital world becomes less distinct. The new digital business promises to link everyone in a network, something that is never been done before.

Digital business is commonly associated with e-business, but what keep digital business apart from e-business is  that digital business promises a more sophisticated integration of people and businesses. It is not just merchandise or things customers by, but things that are connected and intelligent. In the years to come, it is expected that most business will shift to digital business.

How to Start a Digital Business

Just like any type of business, it takes a lot of planning, funding and lots of research to start a digital business. It is easy to say “I am starting a digital business” but is difficult to actually put up one and, even harder  to maintain and make it a success. But knowing the essentials will make you more prepared and make start up less of a struggle.

  • Establish your product or service –  Well, this one is obvious. You need to know what your business will be about. Will you be selling a product or a service? Will it be an affiliate product or something you will build from scratch?
  • Know your target market –  You have a product, the next thing is to decide is to whom you plan to sell your products. You need to establish a target market. That way, it is easier to find marketing strategies to market what you are selling.
  • Plan a marketing strategy– With a product and a target market, the next thing is to plan how to sell. A website or a blog is the easiest and fastest way to reach millions of prospect buyers. You will need e-commerce platform for this. Establish communications channel such as networking sites, email, blog, and website where customers can reach your company.
  • Keep up with Technology Trends – if mobile applications are trending, then shift your digital business available in mobile applications. Always make sure that every technology updating will be beneficial to the business. Latest is not always the best choice; always weigh in the pros and cons. For instance, when choosing an open source operating system for your computers.
  • Build a great team – a business’ success depends mainly on the people working for it. Gather employees you can trust and rely. Regardless of how sophisticated your business is, if the people who manages the business are not competitive, loyal and dedicate, then the business will eventually fall apart.
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5 Advantages Of Using Linux Over Windows In An Open Source Company

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When you are new or fairly Linux user, who needs to know what the true benefits of Linux over Windows are? There are some benefit of Using Linux and Windows in an Open Source Company, and obviously, several disadvantages of using the Linux as your operating system. This article lists some few disadvantages of using Linux over windows operating system, and and 5 advantages as well.

Advantages of Linux:
Cost – The fact that that Linux is free to obtain it hence advantage to open source companies, while Microsoft items are accessible for a hefty and now and then recurring free. Microsoft licenses are just permitted to be installed on one PC, though a Linux how is distributed can be installed on any number of PCs, without paying a single coin.

150px-Tux.svgSecurity – In accordance with the expenses, the security part of Linux is much more grounded than that of Windows. Why spend a lot of money in buying virus protection software? The Linux OS has been around since the mid nineties and has figured out how to stay secure in the widespread infection of adware, spyware and viruses for all of these years. This is partly due to the fact that Linux user are typically more savvy users and can add security features, such as an IP tables onto their low end VPS or dedicated servers.

Of course, the contention of the Linux desktop not being as broadly utilized is a component regarding why there are no viruses. My counter is that the Linux OS is open source and if there were spread of Linux infection viruses today, there would be many patches put across tomorrow, either by normal individuals that use the OS or by the dispersion maintainers. We wouldn’t have to sit and wait for a patch from a one organization as we do with Windows.

Choice (Freedom) – The power of decision is an awesome Linux advantage. With Linux, you have the ability to control pretty much every part of the OS. Two components you have control of are your desktops look and feel by method for various Window Managers,also the kernel. In Windows, your either stuck utilizing the normal default desktop theme, failure or disappointment by installing a third-party shell or gambling defilement or risking corruption.

Software– There are such a variety of software decisions with regards to doing any particular task. You could find a word processor on Fresh-meat and yield hundreds, if not a large number of results.

Hardware– Linux is ideal for those old PCs with scarcely any processing power or memory you have in your PC. Introduce Linux and use it as a firewall, backup server, or a file server. There are unlimited potential outcomes. Old 386 or 486 PCs with scarcely any RAM run Linux with no issue.


Hindrances of Linux:

Understanding – Becoming familiar with the Linux OS obliges tolerance and also an in number expectation to learn and to adapt. You must learn and make understand things all alone, as opposed to having everything accomplished for you.

Compatibility – Because of its free nature, Linux is in some cases slow and somehow behind in technology in hardware compatibility. Despite the fact that the kernel maintainers and contributors work hard to keep up with the latest version of kernel, Linux does not have a corporate or alternative OS. hence you can’t install other application from other organization.

Alternate Programs – there are still a few applications that exist on Windows that have no equal Linux application.

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